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Term Paper

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A term paper is a piece of writing that is typically made during the “term” of an academic institution. For instance, a teacher can require her students to complete a term paper for the first semester. This means that term papers can be required for every term of the academic year. Overall, term papers are common undertakings that college students face.

Term papers are considerably general in subject matter and can be highly variable in terms of scope. Because term papers are simply “papers” that are made for an academic term, this means that the subject matter does not have to be highly researched. Corollary to this, it is implicated that term papers do not necessarily have to be as highly researched as research papers. Nonetheless, it may still be necessary to do some research in order to provide substance for the term paper. Aside from this, the scope of the term paper can be highly variable because the subject matter discussed during the term can vary a lot, depending on the student’s course or the specific subject for which the term paper is made.

In order to ensure the integrity of a term paper, one has to make sure that is appropriate to the term for which it is being made. In this regard, the main considerations in completing a term paper are:
  • Subject matter discussed during the term. The term paper should be highly related to the subject discussed during the term.
  • Students and teachers as the target audience. Term papers are usually presented in class or are discussed upon submission.
  • Academic level. The term paper is usually made at the college level. It is typically required among college students.
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