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Research Paper

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A research paper is one of the primary means through which information can be properly acquired. Research papers are generally required in high schools and colleges as a way for students to show what they have learned and show their ability to analyze and synthesize things from available literature. The term “research paper” indicates that the paper is characterized by research, as the distinguishing aspect of the paper.

A research paper is intended to provide well-chosen information regarding a specific topic. This means that information that can be readily inferred or stated because of commonness should be minimized. A research paper should be well-structured and should limit the use of opinions, even when the writer has sufficient knowledge of the subject matter that the paper discusses. To present appropriate information and effectively support its objectives, a research paper should build on other research papers, especially published ones.

Research paper can be categorized into two:
  • Analytical research papers
  • Argumentative research papers
In an analytical research paper, the subject matter is examined by dividing it into its various components. These components are then examined further, with reference to existing literature. The examinations of the different components are then integrated to provide a perspective of the subject matter. In an argumentative research paper, on the other hand, an argument is first established. Supporting information is then acquired and utilized to strengthen the argument. For example, various books about globalization can be used to support the argument that globalization is the most significant consideration in business today.

In completing a research paper, one has to bear in mind that it has to make use of research and has to have only minimal opinion. Too much opinion can make the research paper less substantial. Opinions, however, are sometimes necessary in making the research paper more readable and understandable.
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